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Different stretch or crop for each screen

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Different stretch or crop for each screen

Postby BlueToad on Sun Jul 19, 2015 4:42 am

Hi all,

I love the simplicity of the program, but would like to request a further feature?

I have two displays (17" and 27") and often certain wallpapers need to be scaled (stretched/cropped) differently for the two screens, so my request is that every display has its own setting.

Would love to get your feedback

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Re: Different stretch or crop for each screen

Postby sumo on Tue Oct 23, 2018 8:56 pm

Ah so sorry this was left unanswered.

Hmm I did wonder whether anybody noticed, I will think about splitting up every option per screen, its rather complex though, the individual option was a bit of a hack.
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