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Wallpaper Directory Location

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First things first: MultiWall is GREAT! Thank you! I'm pleased I found it, though disappointed I found it now instead of a LONG TIME AGO when the wheel was still square. It is easy to use. It does nothing else which means I don't have to faff with it stepping on other programs. Yeah! The "thumbs-up" for images which fit my set up is very helpful too! So, can't help myself, thumbs up for that!

One function which would help me immensely is an ability to see a directory of images on my computer, much like I see the images from imgur.com. While being able to browse multiple times is OK, I have quite a few wallpapers I've downloaded from locations other than Imgur. I'd be delighted to see a setting where I can tell MultiWall to go to and display the images in a specific local directory on startup rather than Imgur.

I get the impression that MultiWall development is not active at this time. That's OK. It does its job and, IMHO does it well. Having professionally programmed for decades I know development has to stop or slow at some point. However, should the urge to work on MultiWall ever put its development back on the stove, I'd gleefully accept this new function.

Thanks again! Great job!
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Re: Wallpaper Directory Location

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Hey there, welcome and thanks for using the software.

I am still actively monitoring the app and still have my development wits about me, as you say the app does most of its duty well enough so doesn't warrant frequent updates. But I will support it as much as the community wants support for it. I am still a huge multi screen user and I only see that growing.

I definitely want to update the app to better support huuge resolutions and bring it up a tier to 4k+.

Good idea on the grid view of local folders, that shouldn't be too hard to add, but given peoples directories can be very very big it might cause problems. I will take a look.
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