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Error handling

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Error handling

Postby TheTomCZ on Sat Aug 04, 2012 12:28 am

Hi, it's me again.

This time I wanna complain about the error handling :-)
It's kinda annoying, all those error alerts...

I use MultiWall on my notebook, connecting and disconnecting external monitor, switching resolutions in fullscreen games etc., and MultiWall does not like this. It always opens this alert containing info about errors, sometimes more of them. Once, I turned off some fullscreen game and found 15 of these alerts.

Sometimes, these errors were "good", MultiWall continued working (and so these alerts were useless), sometimes "bad" (had to turn the cycling on again manually or even restart MultiWall). Alerts were the same no matter what, I cannot distinguish them, so I don't know, when to ignore them and when to interfere.

Is it possible to change this behavior, so some kind of alert goes on only in case of "bad", unrecoverable errors, when my reaction is needed?
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Re: Error handling

Postby sumo on Tue Aug 07, 2012 4:47 am

Hey, sorry to hear that your still having problems,

I tend to do the same things, connecting/disconnected external displays, reso changes and fullscreen apps etc, and never receive multiwall errors, and I have large displays with multiwall running 24/7.

Though, I don't use the cycle features at all myself, which may be where your errors are coming from, since that part is largely untested other than a handful.

I think any error if it turns up at all, needs to be readable and should only display if you need to know about it. That said, If you can give me any tips about how to provoke the errors that your getting and also perhaps the first line of the error would be useful.
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