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Some improvements

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Some improvements

Postby Flagrad on Tue Jun 12, 2018 8:01 am

Nice plugin, but some improvements could make it even better (using firefox):
- if a lot of images are on the page, linked - seperate tabs make them all load at the same time. Can you make the images load one after the other as not to overload the server or trigger some antihammer protection on sites? The problem is that for bigger number of images that are opened at once, the page breaks them and they need to be reloaded manually which defeats the purpuse of this plugin altogether
- Alternately if images are loaded background, that could work as well as background loading can be managed somewhat (Load Background Tabs Lazyly plugin for instance).
- as i only use "linked - seperate tabs", can you make the plugin not nested links but somehow that only that selection is in right click on page?

Thank you :)
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Re: Some improvements

Postby sumo on Tue Jun 12, 2018 4:17 pm

Yeah.. Interesting.

It would be nice if the browser just handled that for us, and in some ways it does and can.

But probably not good enough for the masses.

One solution is queuing and throttling, so everything is first queued and then say N items
are loaded at a time, perhaps that can be done by simply adding the sub item to the page, N items at a time once the 'load' even is triggered for all 5 items. There are side cases though like some pages timing out or just taking forever.

A worse alternative is to simply stagger everything say adding 10ms per item, that way the last ones only load much later.

Or maybe source the load time organically from the user, lazy style, so only add the items as you scroll to them, but then you might have to wait for them to 'pop-in' but that could be mitigated by caching ahead. So simply as you approach items, it triggers their load.

The best solution is probably the last.

Replace the context menu nested items with just the one 'preferred' item? hmm it used to be possible, I can't remember if its still possible since you have to be up-front about whats on the context menu these days due to restrictions. I could de-nest it and have 4 items.
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Re: Some improvements

Postby Flagrad on Sat Jun 30, 2018 7:10 pm

I wonder why browser does not do that for us? Can it be because the tabs are opened in foreground? If browser did this for us, this would be best, true. So if the solution is to load tabs in background so browser can do its thing, that would be cleanest solution. Am i thinking in the rigth direction and can you implement it if yes?

Of your solutions i think the first one would be best. That way you have all the content slowly loaded in background regardless of internet speed and your clicking speed through tabs. Some randomised delays wouldnt hurt here either (just in case?).

About context menu, 4 items would be... well, not ideal. Can you do perhaps one universal item and in options you set what that item actually does? I do not know about others, but i dont see people using more than their prefered way of opening images.

Again, thanks for awesome plugin!
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