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Latest Release
MultiWall v1.0.38
Windows: 64bit, 32bit

News for 2014:

Updates (16th March 2014)

Made a fairly significant update to the update system to support 32bit and 64bit systems.
32bit users might experience issues updating (since the outdated setups will prefer 64bit and then fail).
To resolve any issues updating, reinstall using the correct installer from the website.

Updates (4th March 2014)

Minor updates recently
Hope to have a windows 8 compatible version soon.
Added a page to help fish out new wallpaper to use on non-windows setups like osx .. viewer

News for 2012:

Updates (9th May 2012)

Good to see some renewed interest in the app
Given that, I have released an update today including the features requested on the forum.
There are two main changes, one is the auto-cycle logic, and the second is the crawl logic now includes subfolders.

News for 2011:

Updates (25th November 2011)

Had a few minor updates lately; mostly are regarding minor quirks, smoothening out everyday use.
There are some new plans to expand the community stream, but i'll wait for more uploads to accumilate before going futhur.
I'm also considering using some faster and perhaps disk based image techniques to speed up the wallpaper processing.
Disk may be slower but the optimization might offset that, and that'll mean we can handle much larger images!

Updates (12th November 2011)

Support page updated

Initial release (29th October 2011)

Development has now settled at 1.0.6
And thanks to everyone from reddit/r/wallpaper for your feedback

Initial release (28th October 2011)

The version 1.0 installer is now available (downloads)