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Latest Release
MultiWall v1.0.38
Windows: 64bit, 32bit

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I Pan?

In the screen display area, click the left mouse button and drag the image to the desired location.

How do I Zoom?

In the screen display area, scroll your mouse wheel up to zoom in, and down to zoom out.

What does the green thumbs up icon mean?

It means the wallpaper is larger than your entire desktop size. This means that the image wont undergo any stretching; provided the image is good quality, the image should look fantastic on your desktop.

I dont like to browse for images, can't I drag and drop?

Drag and drop your images onto the community area on the lower half of the application. You can drag images from browsers, links and files from your computer.
You may also input URL's into the address bar

How do I change the desktop background color for where there isnt wallpaper showing?

Click the colored square between zoom and the filter drop down menu. You may select a different color from the popup

Application is crashing on load, or taking too long to load

Make sure you have the latest .NET Framework 4 (Full) Installed.
Close the application (if it was open)
Navigate to "%appdata%/MultiWall/"
Delete everything in that folder and try loading the application again.
Note: Deleting these files will lose your saved settings and thumbnail cache.

What is Bezel?

Bezel is the border around the screen's actual display area; this is usually the container that the screen is in, usually plastic or metal.
When you have a multi-screen setup, these borders add a significant gap between the actual display areas of each screen.
If you have a wallpaper spanning across a bezel, the image looks distorted.
Using the bezel setting we can make it seem like the image flows correctly across the bezel region.
Example (notice how the lines appear more natural)

My screen layout is wrong!

If for some reason your screen layout is just not matching your real setup. Then there is something you can do.
Firstly you should exit the application.
Navigate to "%appdata%/MultiWall/"
Edit the file "profile.json" with your favourite editor.
Locate and replace where it says "OverrideLayout":false" with "OverrideLayout":true"
Now the application will stop generating the file "layout.json" and you may edit it as you wish.

In this file each monitor appears as follows:

{"X":0,"Y":0,"Width":2560,"Height":1600,"DeviceName":"\\\\.\\DISPLAY1","Primary":true,"Bounds":"0, 0, 2560, 1600"}
  • X is the X offset of the screen relative to the primary screen
  • Y is the Y offset of the screen relative to the primary screen
  • Width is the X resolution of the screen
  • Height is the Y resolution of the screen
  • DeviceName and Primary should be left alone.
  • Bounds should be left alone.

The image quality is worse after I uploaded my image! / There's a resolution mis-match!

Yes. This is unfortunately possible; but only with very high resolution images.
This is occuring as result of leveraging the image hosting service Imgur.
Imgur may reduce the size or quality of the image in order maintain its level of service. (see faq)

Using Imgur has its benefits though:
  • Wallpapers can be hotlinked or used for other applications/purposes.
  • Imgur is fast and reliable and trusted.
  • The cost of hosting required for the community is less expensive.
However, we want to provide the best possible image quality moving forward.
Suggestions or donations are quite welcome to improve this aspect of the service.

Out of memory errors

Large images require quite alot of memory (specifically ram) in order open and process.
Handling fairly large images can require as much as 1-2 gb of memory, especially the larger the desktop area.
If you are running low on ram, you may experience this error frequently.

There are however a few things you can try:
  • Reduce the amount of processing required to set your wallpaper, particularly any pre-processing, zooming or panning.
  • Close other applications that use lots of memory
  • Restart the application
  • Restart your computer
  • Simply work with smaller images
  • Add more ram to your computer
  • Let us know and we'll see if we can optimize future releases