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WindowBox v1.0.12

News for 2011:

Updates (25th November 2011)

Been playing around with the different ways of managing the windows trying to find the right combination.
Hopefully the current version feels good.
There are still a few minor issues with some clients like skype and pidgin coming up properly and responding to clicks properly.
Not sure exactly what to do about that but we'll take it slow from here.
You now have access to window titles as labels, icons and labels are updated in also in realtime now.
There has been some demand for multi instance and seperate settings amongst the multiple instances. So expect that in the near future.

Release 1.0.1 Update (14th August 2011)

Added Tab style options
The version 1.0.1 installer is now available (downloads)

Release Update (30th July 2011)

Made the updater compatible with the download handler

Website update (30th July 2011)

Browser compatibility sorted
Added some new security features
Integrated theme into forums
Updated screenshots

Initial release (29th July 2011)

The version 1.0 installer is now available (downloads)

Forums up (28th July 2011)

Forums are now operational

Website uploaded (27th July 2011)

Welcome to our website!