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Latest Release
WindowBox v1.0.12

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I reorder the windows?

On the main window, hold ALT, then drag the icon of the window you wish to move, and drag it to the position desired. The windows should then reorder automatically.

How do I attach a window?

On the main window, click the "+" icon. Then select the window that you wish to attach from the thumbnails displayed. This window selection screen operates almost exactly like 'ALT TAB'.

How do I detach a window?

On the main window, click on the icon of the window you wish to detach, then select detach from the context menu

How do I find the main window?

Double click the system tray icon to alternative through the various display states. If you have completely lost the window, you can try to reset the window and marker. If you are still having trouble, try selecting "Show WindowBox" from the system tray icon's context menu

How do I hide the main window?

Simply click the close button from the cntrol box on the main window. Alternatively, select "Hide WindowBox" from the system tray icon's context menu.

How do I minimize everything

Simply minimize the application from the control box on the main window. Alternatively, select "Minimize all" from the system tray icon context menu.

How do I snap windows?

Simply drag the the corner marker or main window besides any edge of your desktop. Multi-screen setups are supported.

My windows are ontop of each other, whats going on?

Firstly, please reset the window and marker then at the bottom right of your main window, there will be a small icon which you can resize. Click and drag that icon to shape the space which all the attached windows will be auto-sized to fit.

I have lost the window or marker!

Locate the WindowBox system tray icon, right click it and select 'Reset Window' or 'Reset Marker'.

Some of my windows are dissapearing when I shake the main window

This may be caused by a Windows 7 Feature called 'Aero Shake'.

To disable/enable Aero Shake, follow these steps:

Method 1: Use Group Policy Editor

1. Click the Start button, type gpedit.msc in the Start Search box and then press ENTER.
2. Click Continue when the User Account Control (UAC) prompts.
3. Navigate to the following branch:

User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Desktop

4. Double-click 'Turn off Aero Shake window minimizing mouse gesture' and set it to Enabled (to disable), or set it to Disabled/Not Configured (to enable).
5. Close Group Policy Editor.

I can't find one or more of my attached windows

Locate the icon of the application on the windowbox main window, click it then select 'Restart Process'. Make sure you save your work with the application before doing this though since the application will be closed.

Tab mode: show only 1 or N amount of windows at once

To enable the tabbing feature, in the options, set 'Maximum Windows' to 1 or N (where n is the number of maximum number of windows you want displayed at once).
You can control which windows are displayed in tabbed mode by clicking the icon of the window you want to show

To disable tabbing, set 'Maximum Windows' to 0. This will mean all windows will be displayed